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StoneRidge Academy’s mission is to “ensure all students are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. All students attending the academy will have every opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with those who are fortunate to be a part of their lives on a daily basis. As educators, we will empower all students to be independent regardless of their disability. Our goal is to protect the educational rights of students and implement programming that appropriately address their diverse learning needs. We will provide a safe and supportive school climate for them to maximize their potential to become strong, confident, and successful, in their communities and in the world in general.”

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SRA educational program is facilitated by Director of Education who is credentialed and combined 4 years experience in Regular & Special Education.

We take pride in providing challenging educational experiences that promote school-wide learning results. Our curriculum follows the prescribed course of study of the California Department of Education (CDE), and offers courses prescribed by contracting school districts. All students are actively involved in a standard based, and support the achievements of the academic standards and learning outcomes expected by the CDE and collaborating districts. The acquisition of school-wide use of kinesthetic and multi-modal learning opportunities as well as the use of technology to actively engage students whose learning needs may necessitate diversified instructional techniques. Students are challenged to operationally their learning experience using real world applications while simultaneously developing critical thinking skills needed to succeed beyond their present capabilities.

SRA provides a rigorous academic educational program which consist of the Common Core Standards for all students who attend. Through their course work and a range of extracurricular activities, students experience the relevance of school life and develop relationships which will enrich their lives regardless of their future profession.

Stone Ridge Academy desires to promote the long term behavioral health and well being of students, through the implementation of a behavior Management program which employs proactive, innovative treatment methods to ameliorate presenting behaviors. Efforts to address behavior are not merely limited to reducing frequency and intensity, but are targeted toward the acquisition of behavior and social skills necessary for optimal psychologist and socio-emotional functioning.

SRA believes that the needs of a student are best served when there exists collaboration between school, district personnel, and parent/guardians. Parents are considered stakeholders in their child’s education and are continuously encouraged to take an active role in their child’s academic planning. They are frequently invited to work in partnership with staff in addressing educational and behavioral deficiencies. SRA maintains a high degree of communication with parents/guardians through formalized reporting procedures. In addition to the quarterly reporting periods, parents are informed daily and weekly regarding their student’s behavior, classroom functioning, and progress toward identified IEP goals.

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